Kearneys Pattern & Foundry

  • PATTERNS: High-quality, low-cost precision patterns are an in-house specialty. Wood, metal and plastic patterns are available per your specifications and needs. Design modifications and repairs are instantaneous and help insure on-time deliveries and quality to our customers.

  • ALUMINUM CASTINGS: The majority of castings made at Kearney Pattern Works & Foundry are of certified high-quality A-356 aluminum. Other alloys are available at customer request.

  • BRASS & BRONZE CASTINGS: Several alloys are available for our customer's needs, including red brass, yellow brass, silicon bronze, white bronze, and manganeze bronze.

  • REPLICA CASTINGS: Kearney Pattern Works & Foundry manufactures exact duplicate cylinder heads for 1933-1936 Ford V8's, as well as a finned "Hot Rod" version. We manufacture exact duplicate finned cylinder heads for V-12 Lincoln flatheads, as well as a custome 3 carburetor intake manifold. These products are commonly sold to individuals who restore cars and require the very best when entering shows.