Kearneys Pattern & Foundry

  • HEAT TREATING: Kearney Pattern Works & Foundry provides heat treating to customer specifications. T-4, T-5, T-51, T-6, and T-7 are commonly performed. If needed, we can provide recommendations of what is best.

  • MACHINING: Minor machining is available upon request. Machine shops known for their ability to work with sand castings can be recommended for complex precision machining.

  • PLATING: Kearney Pattern Works & Foundry can provide plating, inclusing alodine, soft and hard anozide prior to or after machining. Many times this service is provided by the machinist that you select.

  • PAINTING: Painting can be provided for customers before or after the machining process, either by Kearney's or your machinist.

  • TESTING: Kearney Pattern Works & Foundry will provide penetrant inspection, x-rays, or physical and chemical reports on castings, upon customer request. Military specifications (mil specs) or aluminum association standards are sometimes asked for to insure soundess of casting, especially if they undergo high stress while in use.

  • CASTING FINISH: A variety of casting finishes can be provided for your castings. Sandblasting with fine steel grit is standard. Wheelabrating with fine steel shot is utilized for smaller castings. Bead blast, tumbling or polishing can be provided at extra charge.